About Us

Most of our youth was spent cracking booster packs, brewing deck lists, and competing for that next big tournament trophy. In our opinion, there's nothing better than spending time with friends old and new at our friendly local game store with our trade binders open and our decks at the ready.

Getting to play your favourite games with your favourite people is great. Not being able to find the cards you need is bad. That's where Calico Keep comes in.

The Keep was founded by three nerds called Peter, Robert, and Alex with a strong focus on trading card games and organised play in mind. Since the portcullis was raised for the first time on 5 October 2019, these guys have been on a mission to make sure that every TCG fan can get their hands on what they need to finally complete their deck-building project.

Calico Keep has since grown rapidly into what is becoming New Zealand's favourite place to score elusive Magic: the Gathering and Flesh & Blood cards.

We know that selling cards online can be an absolute chore, so we made it not only easy to sell all your unwanted cards to us, but also offer New Zealand's most competitive store prices for them.

We know that card availability has always been an issue in New Zealand, so we hold onto the cards that we buy, and don't offload them offshore like other stores.

We know that you need a reason to compete and great people to compete against, so we offer tournament prize support so generous that we break even on cost, and actively cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome.

Most importantly, we never forgot the time we spent in the local game stores of our youth, and we're excited to help create those same memories for the next generation of gamers.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to join our community and create some treasured memories of your own. We promise you won't regret it!

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