APAC League - Commander [24/07/22]

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The third of five APAC League events in 2022 kicks off in July!

This time around, the event isn't a qualifier event for our end-of-year store championship, so we decided to have some fun with everyone's fan favourite format, Commander!

This APAC League Commander Event will consist of 1V1 Swiss Rounds culminating in a winner-takes-all showdown in a pod with our top 4 players.

Time: 12:00 PM Sunday 24 July 2022

Format: 1V1 Commander (30 Life each), Cut to Top 4 Pod (40 Life each). Regular Commander Banlist Applies.

Prize Support: 2 CLB Set Boosters will be added to the prize pool per player. Prizes structure will be weighted towards top finishers. Each player will receive 1 Set Booster for participating. Participants will also receive a Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow promo (while stocks last).

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