Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster Pack

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Broaden Your Horizons

Modern Horizons returns with a treasure trove of tools for Modern and Commander players to build, tinker, and perfect the decks of their wildest dreams. Showcase hoarder, spreadsheet theory crafter, squirrel deck Commander fan—no matter what type of Magic player you are, Modern Horizons 2 has something for you.

Get your hands on powerful cards designed for Modern, plus 42 New-to-Modern reprints, showstopping artistic treatments, and enemy color Fetch Lands! Now go build something awesome.

Wanna Just Open Packs? Set Boosters Are for You.

Where Draft Boosters are built for booster drafts, Set Boosters are built specifically to be fun to open. Each one has an art card, a chance for extra rares, thematically connected commons and uncommons, and some even have an interesting card from The List— a special selection of cards from throughout Magic's history that show off beloved past mechanics, fun worlds, and flat-out wild cards that are a fun addition to any collection.

Each Set booster contains:
  • 1 Art card
  • 1 Basic land
  • 6 Common or uncommon cards
  • 1 Wildcard – A regular common or uncommon (70%), or a rare or mythic rare (30%)
  • 1 Rare or mythic rare
  • 1 New-to-Modern reprint
  • 1 Head-turner showcase common or uncommon
  • 1 Traditional foil card
  • 1 Token/ad card (75%), or a card from The List (25%)

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