Flesh & Blood Announcement
Following the launch of Uprising, Calico Keep will be suspending support for Flesh & Blood. This means that for the foreseeable future, we will:

- No longer restock Flesh & Blood Sealed Product
- No longer buy Flesh & Blood Singles
- No longer host organised play events.

While we still strongly believe in Flesh & Blood as a fantastic TCG offering, our efforts to cultivate a local player base over the last two years has largely been in vain. The majority of our event attendees travel to us from elsewhere in the Greater Wellington Region; areas which are already serviced by fantastic local game stores.

We feel that if we cannot meaningfully contribute towards the growth of the game, then our efforts are better off utilised elsewhere for the time being.

We still plan to honor all Uprising preorders, and will still be holding a pre-release event for Uprising on Sunday June 19th. We will also be holding one last event on Sunday 10 July so we can go out with a bang.

From all of us on Team Calico, we'd like to thank Legend Story Studios and the New Zealand Flesh & Blood community for their stalwart support over the past two-and-a-half years. We hope to still be involved with you both in some capacity in the future.

We are currently in the processing of finalising deals to offload the remainder of our Flesh & Blood Singles and Sealed inventory. Until then, you can enjoy $100.00 Booster Boxes and $400.00 Sealed Cases on our website, as well as our singles, until those deals have been finalised.

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Hi Peter,

Was wondering have all the FAB singles been sold off already?

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