Calico Keep is proud to be part of New Zealand's thriving tabletop gaming community. Working at the Keep means doing our part as custodians of the gaming communities we love and putting the needs of our customers before ourselves.


Our goal is to foster Community through Play. For us, that means encouraging the curiosity of newcomers, breaking down barriers to entry, and providing a safe and inclusive space for our community.


You can learn more about us over at our About Us page.


So, why should you work for us?

Calico Keep is a Living Wage employer. All our employees earn at or above the current Living Wage of $26.00 per hour (As of 01/09/23). You can learn more about the New Zealand Living Wage here.


Our Full-Time Employees enjoy a 4-day working week. We believe that work is what you need to do so you can afford the things you want to do. We want ensure that you've got plenty of time to do those things, too. Our Full-Time Employees work no more than 30 hours a week, without sacrificing pay. That's an extra 52 days off a year!


Become a valued member of a tight-knit team. The only red tape you'll find here are the 'fragile' stickers we keep for shipping. We encourage you to take ownership of your work, and encourage troubleshooting and problems solving so you can remove the obstacles which stop you from doing what you do best. 


Convinced? Then we'd love to hear from you!

All listed positions are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand. 

Any applications that do not consist of both a CV and a Cover Letter will not be considered.

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We currently have no open positions. Watch this space!