Buylist Procedure

Looking to get rid of all your unwanted cards in one fell swoop?

At Calico Keep, we make it super fast and convenient to turn your spare Magic: the Gathering cards into store credit or cash! If our buylist shows a cash or credit value on a card, that means we'll buy it; no approval process required!

Step 1. You submit a buylist for either cash or store credit so you know exactly how much value you can expect from your trade-in.

Step 2. You mail us your cards, and we validate what we receive against your buylist.

Step 3. If everything's in order, we'll process your buylist immediately unless specifically instructed by you not to do so. If it's your first cash buylist, we'll confirm payment details with you via email. 

Step 4. Profit!

For non-bulk cards (i.e. anything worth more than $2.00), we offer a competitive ~0.8:1 TCGPlayer Market Price in cash.

Add our 25% Store Credit bonus and receive 1:1 Value!

Wanting to sell bulk? We offer a bulk rate of $5.00 per 1,000 cards (commons and uncommons), and 10c per bulk rare. 

While submitting a buylist is the best way to get the most accurate value for your collection, we realise that some collections are just too large!
Send us an e-mail at for more information.


First time submitting a buylist?

Just follow these eight simple steps and you'll be on your way to a tidier collection in no time!  

1. Log into your account. If you don't have one already, creating one is a breeze, and can be done on the login screen!

2. Select 'Buylist' on the menu at the top of the screen.

3. Select whether you're looking for Store Credit or Cash on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen. If you're looking for a mix of cash and store credit, you will need to submit a separate buylist for each.

4. Use the Search Bar to find the cards you're looking to trade in. Please be sure to double-check the printings and conditions of your cards! 

5. Once you've found your card, confirm the condition of your card and the number of quantities you're looking to trade in, then select the + symbol to add them to the Buylist. Unsure about how to grade your cards? You can find more detailed information by clicking on this hyperlink!

6. Once you've completed your buylist, select 'Submit Buylist' and confirm. Currently, our system does not send you a confirmation e-mail when you've submitted your buylist, but rest assured, it's definitely gone through!

7. Now that your buylist is submitted, you'll need to send us your cards! This can be done in person or through the post (please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the postage fees!). In order to ensure that the Buylist process proceeds as quickly as possible, please ensure that all your cards are in the same exact order as they appear on your buylist. Please address all mail to:


Calico Keep - Buylist
2 Coastlands Parade
Paraparaumu 5032


Please also include your information in the 'Sender's Details' section of your parcel; this will help us identify whose buylist the cards belong to, and also where to send any cards that need to be returned.

If for any reason you do not wish for the transaction to proceed, please let us know at any point before Store Credit has been applied or Cash has been paid, and we will send your cards back to you at our own expense. 

All transactions are final.

Please note;

The prices stated when submitting your buylist should be considered as a quote only; card prices are recalculated based on market value at the time your cards arrive at our store. 

Highly volatile cards (e.g. cards from a newly released set) are affected most by this policy, but generally speaking the longer you take to send us your cards, the less accurate your initial quote will be. 

If we do not receive your cards within 2 weeks of you submitting your buylist, we will cancel your buylist request.

This is to prevent our buylist queue from backing up. If we happen to receive your buylist after we've cancelled it, we will still process it as normal!

We reserve the right to refuse to purchase certain cards received via the buylist process, at our discretion.

As a Local Game Store that promotes tournament play, we do not buy:

- Certain promotional cards (which we cannot sell either due to contractual obligation or on principle),

- Non-English Language cards (unless they are alternate art in a specific foreign language e.g. JP WAR Planeswalkers, JP Strixhaven Mystical Archive)

- Cards that are not tournament-legal (e.g. Gold-bordered cards)

- Certain high-end cards on a case-by-case basis (either due to low demand, or for cashflow reasons).

    Calico Keep reserves the right to retain and destroy any counterfeit cards received via the Buylist process.