Buylist Submission Guide

Last updated 23 November 2023

Looking to trade your trash for treasure?

Rishadan Port

You won't need to visit a Rishadan Port to do it!


Calico Keep makes it super convenient to turn your unwanted cards into store credit or cash! If our buylist shows a cash or credit value on a card, that means we'll buy it; no pre-approval required!


For non-bulk cards (i.e. anything worth more than $2.00), we offer a competitive ~1:1 TCGPlayer Market Price in cash (based on an exchange rate of ~1.7USD to 1NZD).

If you want Store Credit instead, you'll get a bonus 20% value!


  Near Mint Light Play Moderate Play Heavy Play
Cash 100% 90% 80% 50%
Store Credit* 120% 108% 96% 60%

*Store Credit payout is relative to Near Mint cash payout


Wanting to sell bulk? We offer a bulk rate of $5.00 per 1,000 cards (commons and uncommons), and 10c per bulk rare. 

Wanting to sell a collection? Drop your cards off at the store, and we'll do a full review of your collection and have an offer for you as soon as possible!
Send us an e-mail at for more information.


Please note that at this time, we are not purchasing Magic: the Gathering cards printed before 8th Edition (i.e. older than July 2003), with a few exceptions

Our goal continues to be getting playable cards in the hands of players over collectors.


How to submit a Buylist:

1. Log into your account.

If you don't have one already, creating one is a breeze, and can be done on the login screen!


2. Select 'Buylist' on the menu at the top of our website.


3. Select Store Credit or Cash in the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen.

If you're looking for a mix of cash and store credit, you will need to submit a separate buylist for each.


4. Use the Search Bar to find the cards you're looking to trade in. 

Please be sure to double-check the printings of your cards!


5. Once you've found your card, confirm the condition and quantities of you're trading in.

Unsure about how to grade your cards? You can find more detailed information by clicking on this hyperlink!


6. Ensure that all the cards in your buylist are sorted in the order they appear on your buylist. 

Do this before finalising your buylist. It helps speed up our review process, especially for larger buylists.


7. Once you're all done, select 'Submit Buylist' and confirm.

Currently, our system does not send you a confirmation e-mail when you've submitted your buylist, but rest assured, it's definitely gone through!


8. Send us your cards! Please address all buylists to:


Calico Keep - Buylist
2 Coastlands Parade
Paraparaumu 5032


Please include identifying information with your parcel.

Please send your cards unsleeved if possible. 

We review all cards unsleeved as part of our grading process. Time spent unsleeving slows down our process significantly.


9. We review and complete your buylist. It is common for cards to be regraded as part of our review, which may affect the final value of your buylist.



The Small Print

Your buylist value may change as a result of our review process.

We aim to honor the prices quoted at submission. Your final payout may change as part of our grading and review process. The quoted value of your cards will remain valid for 2 weeks from the submission date.


If we do not receive your cards within 2 weeks of you submitting your buylist, we will cancel your buylist request.

This is to prevent our buylist queue from backing up. If we happen to receive your buylist after we've cancelled it, prices will be recalculated based on the day your cards were received.


Your buylist may be returned if it contains many submission errors (i.e. Cards submitted with incorrect sets, or are received out of order).

This is to ensure that our process isn't bottle-necked by an especially messy submission.


All buylists are graded, finalised, and paid out immediately. All transactions are final.

We will not contact you for final confirmation unless instructed by you to do so. This is to ensure that our process is as fast and efficient as possible.

Please be aware that once your buylist has been processed, we will be unable to amend or return certain cards as they will be impossible to discern from our existing stock.


Cash Buylists are subject to additional review.

Cash buylists take longer to process (up to 1-2 business days after we receive them). If you deliver a buylist in person, please understand that we may be unable to process your payout immediately.


All card received by us are considered part of your buylist.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you only send us what you intend to sell to us. Any extra card which we receive that are not listed on your buylist will be treated as part of your buylist.


We reserve the right to refuse to purchase certain cards at our discretion.

In general, we are only interested in purchasing cards that are popular in tournament and casual play. Due to certain constraints, our buylist system may display prices for cards which we will not purchase including (but not limited to):

- Non-English Language cards (unless they are alternate art in a specific foreign language e.g. JP WAR Planeswalkers, JP Strixhaven Mystical Archive)

- Non-tournament legal cards (e.g. Gold-border, Silver-border, Planechase, Art Series, etc.), or other cards with high collectable value

- High-value collector's items (i.e. expensive cards that do not see frequent play in popular formats)

- Certain promotional cards (e.g. Store Championship promos, etc.)

We may also decide not purchase certain cards on a case-by-case basis. Any cards we do not purchase will be mailed back to you at our expense.


    Calico Keep reserves the right to retain and destroy any counterfeit cards received via the Buylist process.