Thoughtcast #15

The Gregorian and Lunar new years have come and gone and the Financial new year is on the horizon. With it comes a time of reflection for business owners; a chance to review the months gone by and adjust course accordingly. 

While we hit many milestones in 2021 that we're proud of, it was not so kind to us financially. To the surprise of absolutely no-one, running a business is kinda hard. Especially so during COVID times under a government that, understandably, must make rapid legislative changes in response to equally rapid developments.

We will have to, once again, make some changes to how we operate in order to get back on track. While there are a few things we're changing internally, only our local customers will be affected by the changes we're making to our retail opening hours and event schedule.


Event Schedule

Currently, our events are spread throughout the week, and as a result we're open to up to 10 PM between Tuesday to Friday.

While we exist to encourage organised play, it is unfortunately no longer financially feasible for us to support D&D, X-Wing, Wargaming, and Board Game sessions on separate nights. The cost of labor vastly outweighs the few dollars we make on snacks between 6:30 PM and Closing on event nights.

As a result, we're designating Thursday night as a unified 'Game Night', where customers are welcome to come in and use our space as they see fit.

We're also moving our Tuesday Commander event to Saturday, and our Tuesday FAB Armory event to Sunday. After taking some community feedback we feel that these new times will help attract new players and grow our community.


Opening Hours

To accommodate the changes mentioned above, we'll also be changing our retail opening hours. We'll be observing typical retail hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, open late for events on Thursdays and Fridays, and operate as usual on the weekend, with the addition of some new events on those days.

These new opening hours, as well as our updated event schedule, will be implemented on Tuesday 1 March 2022.

As always, we appreciate your continued support throughout this tumultuous period. We know we're not entitled to anything from our customers, but your loyalty and repeat business continue to blow us away. If you'd like to help us out, here's what you can do to show your support;

- Continue buying and selling with us as normal. While a shopping spree is kind of nice for us in the short term, it doesn't help us operate sustainably over the long term, and can also skew the sales data we use to make business decisions.

- If you're happy with your Calico Keep experience, recommend us to a friend.

- If you're not happy with the way an order was handled, or with a particular interaction with staff, or if you just have feedback for us in general, please get in touch. We'd love the opportunity to grow and to set things right.

- Leave a review on Facebook or Google. It helps us out more than you'd think.





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