Card Grading Guide

All our trading card singles are priced based on their graded condition.

Our grading guidelines are based on TCGPlayer's own guidelines.


Near Mint (NM)

Near Mint denotes cards with either no imperfections, or a few minor imperfections.

Near Mint cards show little to no wear from general use, but may have a few minor flaws (e.g. tiny edge nick or scratch).

A card with no discernable imperfections whatsoever is considered Gem Mint. We do not grade any of our cards Gem Mint, though you may receive a Gem Mint card if you order a Near Mint one.


Lightly Played (LP)

Lightly Played denotes cards with a few minor imperfections.

Lightly Played cards may have some combination of:

- Minor border/corner wear
- Minor scratches
- Slight foil curling
- Minor print errors (e.g. print lines, minor discolouration, foilstamp wear, off-centering)


    Moderately Played (MP)

    Moderately Played denotes cards with moderate wear or some form of major marking (such as creasing).

    Moderately Played cards will have some combination of:

    - Border/corner wear
    - Scratching/scuffing
    - Moderate foil curling
    - Minor creasing
    - Moderate print errors
    - Signature or Stamp


      Heavily Played (HP) & Damaged

      Heavily Played cards show severe wear and creasing, and may be marked by ink from a pen or vivid marker.

      HP cards will show more severe instances of wear indicative of Moderately Played cards, but may still be played if sleeved.


      Damaged cards are so severely worn that they may not be legal for tournament play, even when sleeved.


      We do not buy Heavily Played or Damaged cards.